Wook Lee Emerges from 1000 Year Slumber, Channels Tolkein

Wook has been a mainstay at DEC (now TEC) since the first one where he punched out Stuart Kwan at the podium. Or was it the other way around? I forget...

Anyway, Wook posted this on ActiveDir today... you miss out on this sort of stuff if you don't come to DEC (now TEC).

The Lord of the Domains

(Copyright 2008, Wook Lee with profound apologies to the master, J.R.R. Tolkien)

Three domains for the enterprises following the sun.
  Seven for divisions that must work alone.
Nine for the mom-n-pop stores soon to die.
  One for the ent admin on his dark throne.
In the land of AD where the objects lie.
  One root to hold them all; One DDNS to find them.
  One Schema to rule them all, and Kerberos to bind them.
In the land of AD where the objects lie.

(Which may reflect an ancient way of organizing AD, but hey, I’m from the First Age of Microsoft AD. Ok, maybe the Second Age. Few are they who remember still the glorious deeds of the Elder Days. J)

And whose forest didn’t start out as Greenfields the Great only to become Mirkwood once evil things came to live there.

Wook “The one-eighth elven on his maternal grandmother’s side” Lee

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