DEC 2007 Announced

Christine really busted my chops about mentioning DEC 2007 before it was announced... What can I say? She' s in Marketing, and she's sensitive about things like that . But now that DEC 2007 has been announced, I can talk about it.

Briefly, DEC 2007 will be at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, April 22-25, 2007.

The Red Rock is run by the same people who run the Green Valley Ranch, home of DEC 2006, but Christine says the Red Rock is quite a bit nicer, and better suited to our event.

We will have at least one pre-conference workshop focused on Longhorn AD, including migrating and leveraging the new features like read-only DCs. I'm hoping to put together a MIIS Gemini workshop as well, but that's up in the air at this point.

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