Telogis, Redux

So after my rant regarding the CD that Telogis sent me (and made me pay for!), I got a very apologetic email from Kim Troxel, the Director of Marketing. This was apparently a USPS screw up, not Telogis'. Telogis verified with USPS that the correct postage was on the CD, and for some reason (thumb on the scale, bad hair day, whatever), the USPS decided that my package should cost more to ship than all the others. Even with that, Kim offered to pay the $.55 for the postage.

So I must recant my rant. The fault was not Telogis', and based on the quick response to my blog posting, they are very concerned about customer satisfaction. The $.55 offer was very considerate, but the $.55 was never the point, it was the idea of having to pay (and drive down to the Post Office) to get my very own spam CD.

So I take it all back, and offer my apologies to Kim and Telogis.

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