TEC 2009 US Keynotes Announced

We revamped the keynote structure for TEC 09 Directory and Identity, based partially on feedback from last March, and partially just because I wanted to change things up a bit. So instead of a single overarching, 90 minute keynote on Monday morning, we're going to have each of the relevant product teams do a shorter keynote that outlines their roadmap and how they each play into the Microsoft's overall identity strategy. It will take more orchestration, but I think it will make for a more interesting keynote on Monday morning. Stuart "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business" Kwan will kick things off and cover the federation-related products and Alex Weinert will have the honors for the ILM team. Uday Hegde, formerly the DS Group Program Manager has moved to a different group, and Scott Robinson hasn't selected a new GPM yet, so the speaker for the DS part of the keynote is up in the air. And we haven't nailed down anyone from the RMS side of the house yet either, so I've got some work to do next time I go up to Redmond. Any suggestions?

For TEC 09 Exchange we're sticking with the normal keynote format. I'm really excited that Konstantin Ryvkin, Senior Architect from the Business Collaboration Services Group will open things for the Exchange conference. Konstantin is the architect behind Microsoft hosted Exchange services, so you know that he understands both large-scale and small-scale Exchange deployments inside and out, as well as how to drive the costs out of Exchange operations.

It should be an excellent conference next March; I'm really looking forward to it.

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