How to Make the FEDEX Guy Pee His Pants

Part 2: How to Make the FEDEX Guy Pee His Pants

 I spoke at an HP ERM Masters event shortly after we received the chickens, and after the conference there was a small vendor show where I had booth duty, along with Christine and someone else (Dave Peterson maybe? I forget). As we were setting up our table, the Fedex guy came in with a flatbed handcart containing the boxes with our computers, monitors, and promo material. What we (and more to the point, he) didn't realize was that when the guys back at NetPro packed the computers up, instead of using styrofoam peanuts or some such, they just packed the computers up with rubber chickens. When the Fedex guy took the boxes down from the cart and set them on the floor, the movement of the computers in the box squeezed the chickens just enough to make them moan a little. Not a full fledged squawk, but more like the death rattle of goose. The Fedex guy bolted for the door and didn't even bother to get us to sign the paperwork.



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