BitKit 1.0 finally released

My best friend Mike Wolf is the head of Advanced Projects at Green Hills Software in Santa Barabara. GHS makes software tools for emebedded systems development. Mike and I have been friends since he hired me at High Technology Systems in Washington, DC in '76. We were in business together for almost 20 years.

Back in '89, when we started Trellis Software, Mike developed an entirely new kind of software tool called BitKit that completely eliminates all the usual hassles that go with software development, such as editors, compilers, linkers, skill, or even intelligence. BitKit makes developing software easier than turning on your computer. In fact, BitKit makes developing software even easier than that! BitKit is without a doubt, "the most amazing product created since the invention of unbelievable, self-serving, marketing superlatives."

An excerpt from the manual:

BitKit is based on the amazing Secret of Softwaretm carefully protectected by high-tech computer programmers in order to get their high salaries, their large stock options, and to preserve the sense of 'nerd mystique' so attractive to non-programmers of the opposite sex or sexes, whatever it or they miht happen to be.

Now, for the first time, ordinary people - people just like you and your friends, assuming you have any - can know this amazing secret. You, for example, can know the Secret of Softwaretm if you would just stop wasting time reading about how you can know the Secret of Softwaretm, and instead would read the actual words of the Secret itself which are found in the third paragraph following this one, a paragraph which - quite figuratively - could change your life, if you got one, IF YOU WOULD JUST READ IT!!!!!

In fact, it could change even more than that!

The Secret

The Secret of Softwaretm is:

... you'll have to get a copy to find out the secret for yourself. but suffice it to say that knowing the Secret of Softwaretm has totally transformed my professional career, and enhanced my 'nerd mystique' at the same time.

Some of the praise from reviewers:

"BitKitTM is the most amazing product ever created, and far more significant that Windows, OS/2, or any other product created by Microsoft. In fact, it's even more amazing than that! I truly wish Microsoft had developed BitKitTM."

-- Bill Hammermaker, who once read an article by:
Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation

I have to say the first time I edited a draft of BitKit (in Mike's kitchen), I nearly threw up from laughing so hard.

You can buy a copy at Highly recommended, even if I didn't get a cut of the royalty stream. Which I don't. As far as you know.

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