No "Print to OneNote" for x64

I finally got my laptop up and running with Windows Server 2008, modulo Bluetooth support, and it works pretty well. I can take advantage of the full 4GB of memory (although x64 images are larger, so this may be a wash), and best of all, I can run Hyper-V. And with some screwing around, I've got 95% of the Vista desktop experience working as well.

But one thing I haven't been able to get to work is the "Print to OneNote" feature of OneNote 2007. This feature creates a virtual printer that lets you print from any application directly to an image on on OneNote page. It works great, at least on 32-bit OSes. No such luck on x64.

Today I found this entry on David Rasmussen's blog explaining the whole sordid affair.

"No soup for you! 1 year!".

Or maybe longer, depending on when the Office team ships the next rev. Print to OneNote is one the most useful features in the product. It's the only way to get a reasonably accurate view of a web page into OneNote. I am depressed.